5 Types of Online Education Degrees to Opt For

yourstory-educationTeaching is regarded as a noble profession, but you need proper training, good communication skills, convincing ability and expertise in handling students as some of the key skills. You can opt for any of the following 5 types of online education degrees in order to get better teaching positions in schools, universities and community colleges and teach in your area of specialization.
Online Bachelors Degree in Education
You can be a certified K-6 Teacher after undergoing this course. You can acquire complete understanding of K-6 elementary teacher certification, higher education, corporate training, advanced educational studies and HR development. You may choose any particular subject that interests you, and get the opportunity to assist young students to gain knowledge and hone their skills. Once you get an online bachelors degree, you will be able to work as a college professor, researcher, course developer, counselor and high school / elementary school teacher.
Online Masters Degree in Education
With a Master’s Degree, such as M.Ed, MIT or MAT, you can be a certified professional and take up administrative jobs that come with a higher pay packet. You may work on as an assistant principal or principal, or go on working as a teacher. You can continue to work and pursue an Online Masters Degree course alongside to further your career.
Online Associates Degree in Education
It is perfect for people who are already working and pursuing a profession. Students do not have to devote a lot of time to this type of degree course, as compared to what a bachelor’s degree course involves. There are general education courses which include humanities, arts, social sciences, science and more. An Associates level degree can help you to become an assistant teacher, Para professional teacher in Elementary school and more.
Online Ph.D. (Doctorate) Education Degree
It is the highest of online education degrees, and is perfect for people who want to move on to higher level jobs. For people with already some teaching experience, it is perfect. With such a degree, you can work as a professor at a university. You may specialize in higher education, elementary education, secondary education, adult education and even special education.
Online Masters Degree in Education Administration
It is a unique degree which has been designed for academic professionals having a lot of interest in administration. The course work involves community relation, duties of principal, school law, supervising school personnel, education finance and more.